Duets for 2 Males


Written by Leo Cannon | $10.00

Drama: 2 Males

In his explosive new drama, playwright Leo Cannon introduces us to Dustin, a mentally-challenged 19-year-old young man, who, after the death of a fellow playmate, an 11-year-old boy named Tommy, finds himself being interrogated by the police. This murder mystery is a tour de force for two talented performers!

The MAN-cation

Written by Gregory T. Burns | $10.00

Comedy: 2 Males

This off-the-wall comedy, inspired by the film, City Slickers, introduces us to two young, married men, Edward and Carl, who take a trip in order to find and reclaim their inner MAN-liness! Very funny!

The Pom-Pom Boys

Written by Joseph Reed | $10.00

Comedy: 2 Males

What is the worst punishment you’ve ever been given? For Kevin and Will, two high school football players, one would think being benched for three games during the season would be enough. The coach, however, has other ideas! A true crowd-pleaser!

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