Spark: The Ultimate Improv Game

Spark: The Ultimate Improv Game

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Improvisation is one of the most challenging teaching activities in the classroom today. With over 150,000 possibilities, Spark: The Ultimate Improv Game gives you and your students over 50 playing cards to "Spark" the imagination. Each card contains three groups of characters, a group of inanimate objects, and two locations to create unforgettable scenes audiences will remember for years to come. Use Spark to create fresh improvisation scenes and original ideas for pantomimes. Spark can also be used as abstract impromptu speaking topics. When young scribes want to try their hand at playwriting, Spark: The Ultimate Improv Game can also generate original writing prompts!

Blackout: Drama Bingo Game


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BLACKOUT: The Ultimate Drama Bingo Game includes:

1 Spinner Card 
Over 1,000 Bingo Chips
30 BLACKOUT Bingo Cards (for up to 30 Players)
Each BLACKOUT Bingo Card has 31 Boxes (to make everyone’s Bingo Card even)
Each BLACKOUT Bingo Card contains the following categories:

  • A Famous Actor or Actress
  • A Famous Play or Musical
  • A Famous Playwright or Composer
  • An Acting Term
  • A Theatre Production Term

Instructions for Playing:

  • Players cover each letter as dictated by the “Spinner.” For example, if the Spinner lands on the letter “A” then the Players will cover all of the “A’s” on their Bingo Card.
  • Players memorize their Bingo Cards as they cover the Letters on their Bingo Cards.
  • Once all of the letters on the Bingo Card are covered, shout “BLACKOUT!”
  • To ultimately WIN, the Player must turn his Bingo Card over and recite the terms found on his Bingo Card.

BLACKOUT: The Ultimate Drama Bingo Game is a great way to teach Theatre Terminology while playing an iconic American game—BINGO!  Because there are 30 different BLACKOUT Bingo Cards, BLACKOUT could be played up to 30 times each year!  Perfect for substitutes and Fun Fridays!

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