Duets for 2 Females

Chasing Sarah Jessica Parker

Written by Gregory T. Burns | $10.00

Comedy: 2 Females

This contemporary comedy introduces us to two young girls who are obsessed with the actress, Sarah Jessica Parker. This obsession eventually leads to a cross-country road-trip and asks the rhetorical question, “How far would you go to meet the person you most admire?” Fun, fast-paced and very humorous!

It’s Not About the Hair

Written by Bridget Grace Sheaff | $10.00

Comedy Drama: 2 Females

It has often been said, “A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.” In her latest, heartfelt one-act play, Bridget Grace Sheaff introduces us to Samantha and Emily, two sisters, who, together, prove that there is little that can stand between the bonds of sisterhood. This play deals with the very real and legitimate problem that plagues many women today—the loss of their hair. A powerful duet!

Little Secrets

Written by Celeste LeBeaux | $10.00

Drama with humor: 2 Females

When two estranged sisters take a road-trip together, they soon learn that the secrets of their past can only bring them closer together. A beautiful, poignant duet dealing with a mature subject matter: molestation.

Sunflower Street: Episode 15 "Molly Runs for Mayor"

Written by Bryan Denbow | $10.00

Drama with humor: 2 Females

It's another big day on Sunflower Street and Molly has decided to run for Mayor! Will she win? Tune in to find out!

Tanika and Taylor's First Annual Neighborhood Talent Show

Written by KaShunda Uzoma and Juliet Davis | $10.00

Comedy: 2 Females

As each school year ends and summer begins, kids everywhere revive the American Dream found within each of us by setting up lemonade stands or cutting lawns; all in hopes of making a little money during their summer vacation. Tanika and Taylor, two sisters trying to raise funds during an economic recession, are no exception. So grab a beach towel and take a front row seat in their front yard. They are about to entertain you, as they tap into their creative imaginations and embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.

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